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The 4-1-1 of BMW maintenance.

To help keep your new or Certified Pre-Owned BMW running, sounding and looking like the quintessential luxury car it is, BMW of Freehold is pleased to guide you in the services available to you at our New Jersey BMW dealer, and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Ultimate Driving Machine® every time you get behind the wheel. You can even use our convenient online form to Schedule Service.

Safety Tips to Avoid Rainy-Day Wrecks

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, nearly one million vehicle accidents a year occur in wet weather. Many of these rainy-day wrecks are caused by motorists failing to appreciate the vast difference between driving in wet and dry conditions, says Peter Cunningham, a championship winning race car driver who tours the U.S. for Firestone, teaching driving skills and discussing the importance of proper tires. Read more.

5 Tips To Save Gas

Temperatures are rising and unfortunately, so are gas prices. Whether you drive a BMW 1 Series or a BMW X6, we're all feeling the pain of rising prices at the pump. At BMW of Freehold, we sell new and used BMWs, but we also like to keep our customers abreast of news that affects them and their BMWs. Read this article to learn some ways to save on gas! Read more.

Driving in Snow and Ice

It's the holiday season in New Jersey and holiday decorations are going up left and right. As part of your holiday preparations, take some time to think about driving safety during the winter months. At this NJ BMW dealership, we like to keep our customers informed and safe. Whether you drive a brand new BMW or a used car, read these tips for driving in snow and ice and have a happy holiday! Read more.

5 Winter Car Care Tips

Winter is on the way; days are getting colder and we're seeing freezing temperatures overnight now! At this NJ BMW dealership, we are committed to driving safety year-round, but winter driving conditions are especially rough. Follow these 5 tips to ensure a safe and happy winter! Read more.

Autumn Driving: Tips on Staying Safe

Fall is here! The leaves are changing, the cool air is rolling in and there are pumpkins on every doorstep! Now that the leaves are falling, driving conditions are guaranteed to worsen. Wet leaves covering roadways can make roads slick and hard to navigate. Follow these fall driving safety tips from DCH Auto to keep your family and your BMW safe this season! Read more.

BMW Car Care: BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade

At BMW of Freehold, we are committed to keeping our customers' cars in top-notch condition. In the event you want to go above and beyond your current BMW service plan, you can sign up for the BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade. Read more.

Summertime Safe Driving Tips

Handing the keys over to your teen driver for the first time can be a scary thing. You're worried for their safety and hoping they avoid distracted driving, among other things, while on the road. Whether your teen is driving a used car or a brand new BMW 3-Series, there are several safety issues to consider this Summer. Read these tips to ensure you and your teen driver have a safe, happy and healthy Summer! Read more.

Summer Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Planning a Summer road trip? Living in New Jersey, you either want to retreat to the beach or head for the hills to beat the heat! The staff at this NJ BMW dealership can't wait to start taking their BMWs out on road trips this summer, so we're sure some of our customers are thinking the same thing! You should consider servicing your car before everyone else gets the same idea! Don't wait for things like air conditioning to break - get your car in shape now before Summer begins! Read more.

Winter Safety Tips

Preparing for inspection can be a daunting task, especially with the weather we have been having here in New Jersey. Follow these winter safety tips to ensure your next inspection goes smoothly. Read more.

BMW Full Maintenance

Take a look at the most comprehensive vehicle maintenance program available. Read more.

Safely transport children in your BMW

See how the weight sensor works in your BMW's seat and find out how the L.A.T.C.H system works for car seats in your BMW. BMW of Freehold wants to keep your family safe. Please watch this great video. Read more.

BMW 5 Series instrument cluster

Ever wonder what those dials,buttons and flashing lights are on your instrument cluster? Here is a great overview of a 5 series instrument cluster. Read more.

BMW Assist Instructional Video for BMW Owners

BMW owners instructions and service advice. Read this article featuring information on using BMW Assist from NJ BMW dealer BMW of Freehold New Jersey. Your full circle BMW dealer in NJ. Read more.

Bluetooth Phone Pairing- Watch this instructional video on how to bluetooth your BMW

Learn how to pair a Bluetooth®-enabled phone to the 3 Series equipped with the Onboard Navigation System, the 1 Series, the 5 Series, 6 Series, M5 Sedan, M6 Coupe and Convertible, X6, and post-2007 7 Series and X5 from BMW of Freehold N.J. Read more.