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Why Own a BMW?

We like to think there’s a BMW enthusiast in everyone.

BMW offers the thrill of driving a vehicle engineered with uncompromising quality. A luxury car embodying power and style in perfect synthesis. A true icon consistently lauded in the automotive press and named one of the ten best cars to buy (Car and Driver). This is indisputably an outstanding vehicle. And at BMW of Freehold, you can expect an outstanding customer experience - a full circle BMW sales experience matched by no other New Jersey BMW dealer.

BMW: A standout in performance, value and safety

Performance: From the BMW M3, a race car at heart and one of the best convertible cars, to the popular BMW 3 Series Sedans, every BMW is endowed with high horsepower and designed for high performance. Having this kind of power in your hands is exhilarating. It’s also a practical advantage, say, when you’re merging with rush hour traffic. BMW's Valvetronic technology works with the engine to deliver a broader range of power more smoothly, so shifting into high gear is an effortless glide.

Value: BMW owners pay no maintenance costs for the first four years or 50,000 miles. Our BMW Ultimate Service™ program covers scheduled inspections, brake pads, oil changes and much more, always using Original BMW Parts. You also receive comprehensive BMW Roadside Assistance, and with many models, the BMW Assist™ Safety Plan at no additional cost. When you subtract the maintenance costs of the average car, the value of a BMW really adds up.

BMW continues to be an exceptional value when you’re ready to move on. Kelley Blue Book has awarded BMW more than 10 Best Resale Value awards since the award was established in 2003. The 2007 BMW 5 Series was awarded the Best Resale Value Award in the Luxury Vehicle category, and the 2007 BMW 5 Series was named an “Overall Top 10” leader in projected resale value. All of which explains why BMW is one of the best used cars to buy – not to mention one of the best new cars.

Safety: As part of long BMW tradition, BMW engineers make safety a top priority, and the results speak for themselves. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) rated the BMW 5 Series, BMW 3 Series and BMW X5 each a “Best Pick” for impressive performance in the frontal offset crash test. Since BMW’s high-powered engines are paired with excellent suspension and precision handling, BMW provides safety you can actually feel.

Superior traction is an important part of the BMW safety equation. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) improves the safety of the vehicle’s handling electronically by detecting and preventing skids. Should your BMW begin to slide, DSC reduces engine power and brakes each wheel individually to help it regain traction. DSC works in concert with BMW's innovative all-wheel drive system, xDrive, which combines the handling of rear-wheel drive with the traction of all-wheel drive, giving you an added measure of control in all driving conditions.

Why own a BMW? Come into BMW of Freehold, take one for a test drive, and you’ll know. In the meantime, we welcome you to browse new vehicles or Certified Pre-Owned vehicles online. For more information on any aspect of BMW ownership, click here to contact us, or call 888-642-8920.