With the colder weather fast approaching, you may be wondering what steps you can take to get your BMW car or SAV ready for it. While there is certainly car maintenance that is specific to the fall season, one thing you should be interested in is the condition of your brake system. The brake system might not be something you commonly think about when it comes to auto service. Unfortunately, your driving experience can become unsafe if your brake system is not operating at full capacity. The service center at BMW of Freehold, located at 4225 US Highway 9 in Freehold, NJ, is here to tell you how you why you should consider having your brakes inspected.

Signs That Your Brakes Could Need Service

No one wants to have an unsafe driving experience. We all want to get where we are going without any issue. It is also a fact that no one wants their daily travels to be unsafe. One of the best ways to avoid any unsafe driving is to make sure that your brake system is functioning properly. You can do this by scheduling a brake inspection with the service center at BMW of Freehold. Are you wondering if your brake system might have an issue? Here are some signs that your brake system might need some servicing:

  • The brake light on your dashboard stays on after you have started your vehicle
  • When you press on your brake pedal, the car pulls to the left or right
  • Applying the brake pedal causes a squealing or grinding noise
  • The brake pedal feels spongy or soft when you apply pressure to it
  • It takes you longer than normal to come to a complete stop

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you should contact our service center to schedule an appointment.

Why Should You Choose BMW of Freehold for Your Brake Services?

The service center at BMW of Freehold is staffed with factory-trained, BMW-certified service technicians. These service techs have the experience and skill to address any issue you have with your brake system, or anything else to do with your car. In the past, they have repaired and replaced many components in the brake system, including brake pads, rotors, and calipers.

Contact the service center at BMW of Freehold, in Freehold, NJ, today to schedule a brake inspection, so you can have comfort knowing that you can drive your vehicle safely.

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