BMW Coupe vs BMW Sedan

Choosing a Body Style That Meets Your Needs

Most car shoppers can tell you the difference between most of the body styles available on the market today.  For example, there aren't too many folks that will confuse an SUV with a truck.  It is pretty easy to tell if you are driving a sedan or a hatchback.  It can get murky for many customers when asked to talk about the differences between a sedan and a coupe.  If you are in the market for a new BMW vehicle, you may be wondering which of these two body styles is best for you.  In order to make that determination, you need to understand the differences.  BMW of Freehold, located at 4225 US Highway 9 in Freehold, NJ, is here to give you the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase or lease of a new BMW vehicle.

Learning the Definitions

When it comes down to knowing the differences between a sedan and a coupe, there have been some clear distinctions laid down over the years.  For example, a sedan has always been defined as a car having four doors and a "three-box design."  Essentially, a "three-box design" refers to the fact that the engine, cabin, and trunk are all separated by physical distance.  A coupe also has the "three-box design," but it has two doors and a fixed roof.

That being said, rules are often made to be broken.  Many carmakers have experimented with body styles and created hybrid options that don't seem to fit into one category or the other based on the traditional definitions.  Luckily, the sales team at BMW of Freehold can help you go over anything that may be confusing when you peruse our huge selection of BMW sedans and coupes.

A Difference in Styling

When you look at a BMW sedan, like the BMW 3 Series, you'll notice that there is a difference in the styling between it and a BMW coupe, like the BMW 4 Series.  The BMW sedan lineup are typically longer, while a BMW coupe has a shorter body and longer doors.  A BMW coupe will also tend to have bigger windows.

Which is superior is entirely up to the individual who is buying or leasing the new BMW vehicle.  Some may prefer the refined elegance of a BMW sedan, while others may prefer the sleek, sporty styling of a BMW coupe.


When it comes to the issue of space, the BMW sedan will always win out over a BMW coupe.  A BMW sedan will always have seating for five, while a four-seat arrangement is generally what drivers will find when they get behind the wheel of a BMW coupe.  One guideline that has consistently stood the test of time regarding sedans and coupes is that any car with over 33 cubic feet of space is automatically considered a sedan.  If you are someone with children, have elderly or disabled passengers, or desire a lot of interior space, a BMW sedan might be the better option for you.

A BMW sedan will often have more trunk space than a  coupe.  That being said, the smaller design of a BMW coupe does have its advantages.  In some ways, it can be more commuter friendly for any driver who has a long commute ahead of them.

Explore All the BMW Sedan and Coupe Options at BMW of Freehold

Our dealership has a wide selection of BMW sedans and coupes in our new vehicle inventory.  Drivers will have the ability to find all of the most popular models and compare them side-by-side.  Some of the sedans you will see in our collection include the BMW 2 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, and the BMW 7 Series.

Are you interested in seeing our BMW coupe inventory?  You'll get to see the BMW 4 Series, the BMW M2, and the BMW M8.  Whether you are interested in the powerful engines of the BMW sedan lineup, or the sporty handling of a BMW coupe, you'll still be in for the thrilling driving experience you've come to expect from a BMW vehicle.