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While we may not give them much thought, the filters in our cars are very important.  If you love the performance and capability you get out of your BMW vehicle, you owe some gratitude to its filters.  True to their name, they keep out things that can harm your vehicle and its performance.  If you want to ensure that you are getting your car's filters changed according to the manufacturer's recommended intervals, you should set up a service appointment with the team at BMW of Freehold, located at 4225 US Highway 9 in Freehold, NJ.

Learn About the Filters in Your Vehicle

There are four main filters in your vehicle that will need to be changed periodically.  Our dealership is here to give you some information about these filters, so you know what they do and why the occasionally need to be changed.

  • Cabin Filter-The cabin filter makes sure that you breathe fresh air when you are driving.  It also  ensures that the visibility in your cabin stays good.  If your cabin filter become clogged, you might start breathing in harmful particles and have trouble de-fogging your windows.
  • Air Filter-In the same way that a cabin filter helps you breathe, an air filter helps your car breathe. It helps prevent any harmful particles or debris from getting to the engine.  When an air filter is clogged, it can impact your car's performance and fuel economy.
  • Oil Filter-Your car's oil filter makes sure that oil flows efficiently through your vehicle's engine.  It also removes any dirt, sand, or other particles that want to find their way into the oil supply.  Changing your oil filter on a regular basis will improve your engine's lifespan.
  • Fuel Filter-The fuel filter's main job is to make it so the engine is able to access fuel.  It also wants to prevent the fuel pump from having to work harder than necessary.  Your car's fuel filter removes harmful particles.

Why Should I Change My Filters a BMW of Freehold?

Changing your filters is important, and the service center at BMW of Freehold is where you should go for this maintenance.  We have factory-trained, BMW-certified service technicians who will do the job right.  When your filters are changed at our dealership, you can count on your car getting the kind of care it deserves.

Schedule your filter service with BMW of Freehold, in Freehold, NJ, so you can keep enjoying world-class performance from your vehicle today.

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