Keep Your Car Performing at its Best With an Oil Change at BMW Freehold

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your vehicle performing at its best, but routine service is by far the best. One simple type of service to do is get your oil changed regularly. Oil lubricates your engine, protecting it from friction and wear. This, in turn, allows your engine to run efficiently, which in turn results in greater fuel economy for your car.

But oil doesn't last forever; over time, it degrades and can actually start to harm your engine if it's not removed and replaced with new oil. The consistency breaks down, and this causes your oil to be less effective in performing its key function. So it's important to schedule regular oil changes to make sure your engine is protected and working correctly. It's worth noting that every vehicle has its own specific manufacturer's recommendations as to when you should change your oil, and even those can vary depending on things like driving conditions where you live.

For your next oil change, bring your vehicle to BMW Freehold to have it taken care of the right way. Our service center is full of highly-trained technicians who know the best practices for changing oil in BMW vehicles, so you know that we will get the job done right.

Call us at (844) 338-8623 to make an appointment at our service center. We'll quickly confirm the details of your visit, so you can rest easy knowing that your next oil change is one simply visit to our showroom away. Once you're here, we will change your oil and get you back out onto the road in no time!

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